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Large Bowl with Frogs


Bowl with Frogs
Bowl with Frogs

Three different frogs decorate the outside of this large display bowl. Food safe. 51/2" tall, 9 1/2" wide on the outside. Bowl itself if 3 1/2" deep. Would be beautiful holding fruite on your dining room table!

Fleur de Lis



Antique Blue Fleur de Lis

Antique Blue Fleur de Lis


Black and Yellow Antiqued Fleur de Lis

Black-Yellow Fleur de Lis



Luminary Tea Pot

- Light a tealight inside the teapot for a soft, beautiful look in your kitchen or dining room. Stars were carved in the sides of the teapot, then the outside was glazed with a cobalt blue and white crystal glaze.

Pillow Vases
Peach 3 Section Vase

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Peach Vase - This vase has been divided into thirds. One third is solid peach, one third is pale peach crackle and the last part is hand painted peach and pale pink flowers, with bright coral raised dots for textural interest. Lovely! Vase is 7" tall.



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